The Origin of deFacto

The Origin of deFacto

Recently when I required the services of a lady surgeon, I was unsure where to find the requisite information. There are various directories available with sector specific information such as the Medical directory, Doctors directory and The Handbook for Construction Professionals among others. Shouldn’t there be one for women? That’s when I felt the need to create deFacto, a directory of women professionals. In addition to highlighting women who have achieved stellar success in their respective fields, the directory will attempt to document all women engaged in the professional sphere. We believe that all successful women professionals have contributed in various ways to society. However big or small this maybe, the spirit of successful entrepreneurship must be brought out into the open and dedicated “For Women, By Women”.

deFacto aims to be a ready reckoner of women professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, small-scale industries, politicians, social workers, doctors, architects, construction professionals etc. The directory will also contain inspiring stories which draw on the personal journeys of various women achievers.

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