Let The Woman’s Qualities Grow

Let The Woman’s Qualities Grow

Once a man was asking Bertrand Russell, ‘What’s your opinion about civilization?’ Russell said, ‘It is a good idea – somebody has to practise it.’

It has not yet happened, it is just a good idea, it is utopia. Man lives in a very uncivilized way. Hence qualities which are warlike are praised . Qualities which are flower like are condemned. To be soft is thought to be feminine. It is feminine, but there is nothing wrong in it. In fact it should be praised because it is feminine. Two things are implied in it. One is that god is conceived as a mother, not as father – which is far more truer. God as a father is not so true; in fact the very institution of father is arbitrary. It is created by the society. There is every possibility in future, the very institution may disappear; father may become almost irrelevant.

In fact the very idea of father arises out of private property. Because man became very conscious of possessing property, he started possessing the woman; he won’t allow the woman the freedom to move freely without being possessed by anybody in particular. And of course, man is in a certain way stronger than the woman; in an animal way he is stronger, in a muscular way he is stronger, obviously.

The woman is stronger in a different way. She has more loving qualities, more heart, more capacity to be patient, great capacity to resist all kinds of misfortunes, immense power to pass through suffering unaffected. Man is very weak in that way but muscularly he is powerful. His height is a little bigger, his bones are a little stronger he can overpower physically any woman.

Hence he started possessing other properties. And he wanted to be absolutely certain that only his children should be the owner of his property. That was the beginning of the institution of fatherhood. Mother is a natural phenomenon, father is artificial. In animals there is no father, only the mother. In birds, only the mother; the father is only accidental, it is not so intrinsic. The same is possible once women become more freer economically, more freer psychologically. The same is going to happen again.In the future, fatherhood is going to disappear. It can be predicted and very confidentially predicted that father has outlived. Because in the past the male became very important – he created all the institutions around the idea of the masculine. Even god became masculine. It is far more truer that god is a woman because god is a womb. Out of the womb everything has arisen: the whole creation.


Excerpted from Man Is Not an Island courtesy Osho International Foundation

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