deFacto aims to be a ready reckoner of women professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, small-scale industries, politicians, social workers, doctors, architects, construction professionals etc. Envisioned as a directory listing all women professional in various fields from medicine to corporate czarinas, it  will also contain inspiring stories which draw on the personal journeys of various women achievers. Working women in India today are faced with numerous challenges. It is important to get fresh perspectives on the obstacles encountered by women en route to success. deFacto will also serve as inspiration for young women as well as a guide to aspiring entrepreneurs. Those spotlighted in the book will serve as role models and/or mentors to the youth. The objective is to empower and recognize successful women whilst inspiring and nurturing those who aspire to emulate them in addition to publicizing their services to the general public.

This initiative is perhaps the first of its kind in the country, and aims to lead a paradigm shift in the evolution of women professionals and thus issue a call to harness the power of women to shape and nurture the future. We believe that all successful women professionals are contributing in various ways to society. However big or small this maybe, the spirit of successful entrepreneurship must be brought out into the open and dedicated “For Women, By Women”.

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