Feeling the need to acknowledge, encourage and recognize women, we decided to create de Facto, a directory of women professionals. In addition to highlighting women who have achieved stellar success in their respective fields, the directory will attempt to document all women engaged in the professional sphere; a ready reckoner of women professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, small-scale industries, politicians, social workers, doctors, architects, construction professionals etc. de Facto will be distributed in all corporations, women’s institutions, associations, five star hotels, airport lounges, etc. Furthermore, it will be made available at all prominent bookstores. It will also be a guide for the public to access services provided by women such as salons, clinics, therapists, legal counsels, support groups, civil liberties organizations etc.

Coming 2010

Advertising Tariff:

Book Dimension: 17×21.5 cms HT-Trim

Bookmark: Rs. 45,000/-

Back Outer: Rs. 60,000/-
Back Inside: Rs. 45,000/-
Front Inside: Rs. 50,000/-

Opening Pages:
Page No.1: Rs. 45,000/-
Page No.2: Rs. 35,000/-

Regular Full Page: Rs. 30,000/-
Regular Half Page: Rs. 17,000/-

Paper Quality:
Advertising Pages: 130 GSM Art
Information Pages: 90 GSM Art
Cover: 300 GSM Art Card

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